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Driving product adoption by empowering developers

Empowering devs by enabling them with products that get them excited to execute.


Enabling content that help devs succeed

  • Ideation & Conceptualization

    • Identifying and mapping content domains, target audiences, formats and aligning them with developer products, to create a comprehensive content strategy

    • Conceptualizing the type, format and curriculum of content that would add value to developers and also help them learn & engage with developer products.

    • Scoping the content material and establishing publication cadence

  • Creation

    • Working with internal writing/editorial teams in directing the content material and managing timelines

    • Sourcing & engaging with external experts/freelancers/influencers in creating content

    • Writing/recording own content like blogs, webinars, tutorials, SDK documentation, etc

    • Creating content across various formats like blogs, technical tutorials, documentation, webinars, videos, etc.

  • Amplification

    • Driving consumption of content by cross-publishing in different formats, various organization-owned outreach channels, partners and paid networks.

    • Creating a feedback loop with creators & editors, funnelling feedback and behavioral metrics of content, in iterating revisions.

Product Marketing

Defining & customizing product messaging/campaigns for different audiences

  • Research & Analysis

    • Conducting market & user research among existing customers and prospects through surveys, informal conversations & events, in order to understand needs and gain product feedback.

    • Preparing competitive analysis based on other similar products/companies to understand gaps & areas of improvement

  • Marketing Strategy

    • Creating a marketing strategy, including relevant targeting, positioning and messaging for audiences.

  • Launch / Channel Plan

    • Creating launch & channel plans for products/features, to drive acquisition and engagement.

    • Assisting sales teams with relevant collateral/messaging as enablement

  • Ongoing Marketing

    • Gathering feedback from customers and funnelling to product/engineering teams

    • Measuring performance & effectiveness of products & campaigns, and using them to iterate further campaigns

Tushar Gupta
Tushar Gupta
Product Manager, 22Feet Tribal Worldwide

Field Marketing/Events

Connecting with devs where they are and keeping a pulse

  • Event management

    • Executing events in an end-to-end fashion, including - identifying objectives & goals, estimating budget, locking-in vendors, content programming & sourcing, promotions & demand-gen, and retrospectives of events.

    • Managed events of all scales - from small round-tables of 10 people, to meetups of 80 people, to conferences of 400 people, to concerts of thousands of people.

  • Production

    • Managing all aspects of event production, like - designing on-site event experience, collaterals, designs, vendor management, event-flow, etc.

    • Conceptualizing and executing audience-engagement campaigns during events, like - social contests, quizzes, fun games, etc.

  • Booth production

    • Enabling presence of an organization at third-party events through brand-activation partnerships (like booth presence) and content partnerships (like talks/panel discussions/etc)

    • Managing activations end-to-end, from negotiating deliverables & costs, to deliverable fulfilment and invoicing.

Anand Vyas
Anand Vyas
Software Engineer, DigitalOcean


Spreading brand awareness through relatable visuals & brand voice in messaging on print/web

  • Design

    • Designing first draft of brand assets for various online & offline campaigns, like - email templates/headers, web UI, brochures & banners, etc.

  • Develop

    • Coding landing pages & web properties for marketing programs & campaigns, like events, webinars, etc to offer an on-brand experience for visitors and UX that helps drive program objectives.

    • Developing using web technologies like HTML/CSS/JS/JQuery and any other proprietary SDKs/APIs of deployment platforms

  • Direct

    • Guiding & coordinating with brand teams in asset requirements for campaigns, in terms of type of illustrations, look & feel, UI, etc.

    • Contributing to evolution of brand style & guidelines of organizations for better brand association among target audience

  • Deploy

    • Effectively deploying brand assets across offline materials - like banners, brochures, T-shirts, stickers, etc - for premium look & feel, and also across online campaigns - like emails, web pages, ads, etc - for better UX and brand association.

Tools I use:

Erik Hageman
Erik Hageman
Creative Director, DigitalOcean

Influencer Engagement

Working with industry experts to drive influence among devs

  • Identify

    • Identifying experts within the ecosystem, who can drive influence to developer products among the target audience. 

    • Evaluating relevance of the influencer to the required target audience, and also the reach & effectiveness.

  • Onboard

    • Identifying common interests and viable incentives to engage with the influencer and negotiating agreements.

    • Aligning the interest of the influencer and the objectives/goals of developer programs and the business.

  • Engage

    • Engaging with the influencer either by crafting exclusive series of events/developer programs, or plugging them strategically into existing programs.

    • Establishing a continuous feedback loop with the influencer, developer program teams and product/engineer teams in order to improve the dev programs and product offerings.

Janakiram MSV
Janakiram MSV
Analyst, Advisor, Architect, Janakiram & Associates

Demand Generation

Driving demand through offline & online campaigns

  • Paid Media

    • Assisting the branding, content & paid media teams in crafting the copy and design for display ads in DSPs/AdWords

    • Designing branding & crafting the copy for native advertising/inventories across publishing networks.

  • Webinars

    • Strategizing & launching company-wide & global webinar programs

    • Aligning objectives of various teams, like Marketing, Product, Engineering, Sales, etc with webinar programs and gathering support & buy-in

    • Using webinars program to build demand for products, campaigns or initiatives.

  • Social Campaigns

    • Executing paid & organic campaigns on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, for generating demand for developer campaigns.

    • Creating the attributes & segments for targeting & re-targeting people through social campaigns.

Sam Coren
Sam Coren
Sr. Demand Generation Manager, DigitalOcean


Working with other dev communities/companies for mutual benefit

  • Identify

    • Identifying relevant communities/organizations working towards the same target audience in a non-competing manner.

    • Identifying offerings or value propositions useful to each other’s audiences and other program synergies.

  • Onboard

    • Negotiating agreement on mutual objectives, programs, costs and other aspects of partnership

    • Executing required paperwork & administrative tasks 

  • Engage

    • Crafting specific joint programs or inclusion in either party’s programs for the common objectives and target audience.

    • Creating feedback loop between partner and programs/relevant teams within an organization to strengthen the partnership and improve value proposition to partners.

Hollie Haggans
Hollie Haggans
Global Partnerships Manager, DigitalOcean

Customer Marketing

Increasing product adoption & revenue by helping customers succeed

  • On-site meetings

    • Meeting 1:1 with high-value business customers, along with technical stakeholders, to address concerns, gather feedback, and educate on new products

    • Continuously engaging with customers in developer programs to increase trust and deliver value

  • Customer-oriented content

    • Creating specific learning/training content for customers helping them learn more about the product and resulting in increased product engagement & adoption

  • Nurture Campaigns

    • Preparing nurture campaigns for customers based on their product engagement, stage of funnel and interaction with other programs, to drive deeper engagement and moving down the funnel.

Mukund Joshi
Mukund Joshi
Head of Support - EMEA & APAC, Atlassian

Email Marketing

Running & managing email campaigns for communications

  • Email templates:

    • Building templates using HTML/CSS and email tool’s templating system, to create reusable templates for email campaigns

  • Email copy & assets:

    • Drafting email copy with relevant messaging for campaigns

    • Identifying and/or designing email-specific assets required, like headers, animations, illustrations, etc.

  • Campaign setup & execution:

    • Setting up the email campaign by identifying & isolating target segments, creating relevant clones based on personalizations/messaging, and scheduling the campaigns

    • Setting up automated A/B test campaigns wherever required

  • Trigger/Nurture Campaigns

    • Creating trigger campaigns based on certain actions (like movement in funnel, CTA conversion, etc) to deliver necessary messaging

    • Outlining nurture campaigns for audiences in programs based on intent, action, and other parameters, in order to drive them towards required action.

  • Monitoring & Reporting

    • Monitoring campaign execution, deliverability, and click/open/CTR performances of emails

    • Documenting performances, learning and iterations of campaigns in centralized program reports

Tools I use:

Michelle Renee See
Michelle Renee See
Marketing Automation Manager, DigitalOcean

Marketing Operations

Setting up & managing systems for efficient marketing

  • Data management & pipelines: 

    • Creating integration workflows & ETL processes between various marketing systems to enable just-in-time marketing and efficient processes.

    • Marketo: 

      • Was one of the Marketo admins at a previous company, for an instance with millions of Marketo Leads

      • Managing regional and campaign-specific databases, including data transformation, import, segmentation & tracking

      • Working with webhooks & Launchpoint service in piping data between other systems like, GoToWebinar and Zapier

    • Tray & Zapier:

      • Creating & managing multi-step Zaps/Workflows in transforming, processing & piping data in real-time/batch between other systems like Marketo, Slack, GoToWebinar, etc

      • Setting up and maintaining alerting workflows for monitoring pipelines

  • Attribution tracking

    • Setting up necessary automations & pipelines to attribute business & program KPIs to specific initiatives and campaigns.

Tools I use:

David Dorman
David Dorman
Director of Growth, DigitalOcean

Vendor Management

Working with external vendors in marketing deliverables

  • Merchandise: 

    • Conceptualizing and producing developer swags like T-shirts, stickers, and other items, in collaboration with internal brand design teams.

    • Worked with local print-shops, marketplaces, and other agencies in producing marketing collaterals

  • Outsourcing: 

    • Working with 3rd party organizations in defining programs, metrics, costs, and other details in running marketing programs - online and offline

Tools I use:

Avinash Kumaar
Avinash Kumaar
Business Development Manager, Inkmonk

Data-driven Marketing

Using data to inform decisions and market effectively

  • Audience Intelligence:

    • Using data of users/prospects from multiple data sources, like web, events, webinars, etc in better segmenting audiences based on actions & intent to effectively run specific campaigns.

    • Managing & understanding lifecycle of audience across various touch-points and optimizing the funnel conversion & personalizations

  • Business Intelligence

    • Measuring & tracking business-impact metrics at a granular level for various marketing programs, and iterating/optimizing to balance value-propositions and business impact.

    • Setting up dashboards and pipelines for continuous monitoring & alerting for business metrics based on certain relevant queries and filters.

Tools I use: